Baudrillard y el milenio

Baudrillard y el milenio - Christopher Horrocks - Gedisa
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"Somehow, we do not believe in 2000," the French philosopher Jean Baudrillard. Even more troubling is his claim that the phenomenon of the millennium can not occur. Analysis of Baudrillard on the "Y2K" shows the features of the repentant Cultural attempt to store, regret and wash away the past, and a world where the idea has even gone "end of history". Yet behind this bleak vision of integrated reality, Baudrillard identifies enigmatic possibilities and even an ironic twist ending. Baudrillard and the End of the Millennium deals with the strategies of meeting this great cultural analyst with the greatest event failed postmodern era, and justified criticism censorship initiative Baudrillard. The main topics, such as natural disasters, the body, the "victim culture", identity and Internet viruses, are discussed with reference to the development of ancient thought of Jean Baudrillard more


Book: Baudrillard y el milenio

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