Breve tratado de la filosofía centáurica

Breve tratado de la filosofía centáurica - César Arturo Velázquez Becerril - Itaca
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The mythical figure of the indomitable Greek centaur inspires Friedrich Nietzsche to forge his idea of ​​the new philosopher, who assumes his tragic vocation fully, and contrasts it with the metaphysical metaphysical philosopher dogmatic imposed by the post-Socratic idealist scholar. Thus, he rescues the figure of the presocratic sage who manages to creatively link art, philosophy and science through an effective policy of life. For the author of Beyond Good and Evil, the philosophers of the Greek tragic era are authentic politicians, transmutators of culture in search of everything that manages to force its greatness.

The author of this brief treatise on centaur philosophy proposes to critically address the fundamental debt of Nietzsche's proposals with these early philosophers; On the other hand, it investigates some of the main factors that allow to reestablish the close more


Book: Breve tratado de la filosofía centáurica

ISBN: 9786072805026