Cabe los límites

Escritos sobre filosofía natural desde la ontología estética

Cabe los límites - María Antonia González Valerio - Herder México
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Herder México
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What is the nature is an unavoidable question for philosophy, for in his response plays what we are and our place in the world. The last great moment when treated her philosophy was during the nineteenth century when there was still natural philosophies and romanticism trying to win a return to nature in the midst of the changes wrought by the industrial revolution. However, he eventually tipped over, above all, to be philosophy of language, history and culture. It would seem that during the twentieth century that question was dominated by the sciences. Why this abandonment of the natural terrain, particularly in the century that saw the birth of biotechnology, description and manipulation of DNA, genetically modified organisms, agribusiness and global change with immeasurable damages yet?

It is imperative and urgent to rethink the nature from philosophy, but not on the model more


Book: Cabe los límites

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