Calidad de Vida 

Educación y respeto para el crecimiento interior...

Calidad de Vida  - Rebeca  Wild - Herder
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Twenty years after the publication of the book Educating for, Rebecca Wild presents its innovative approach to teaching from a perspective enriched by the experiences and studies that has developed since then. Wild pedagogy is based on respect for individuality and the internal plan of development of children and adolescents and aims at a kind of "autopoiesis", provide an appropriate environment to educate themselves. This concept has been created and developed over long years of work and daily practice in the Pesta, school Rebekah Wild and her husband founded in Ecuador in 1977 and has since attracted considerable interest in the world. Today, the first generation of children educated in the pesto has reached adulthood and is the most eloquent example of the great success of the original active learning project. The latter is to provide children and young people an environment in more


Book: Calidad de Vida 

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