Calígula  - Aloys  Winterling - Herder
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Caligula, Roman emperor from 37 to 41 AD, was considered the prototype of the evil of the Roman Caesars, incestuous, wanted to make his horse consul and planned to move the capital of the empire to Alexandria. "No reason" viciously persecuted the Roman senators, to the point of pretending that he worshiped as a god. This is at least the assertion of the ancient historians. Although long since recognized "hate cool" that gave rise to such claims, yet the modern historical research repeatedly succumbs to his suggestion. In light of a new interpretation, the author describes here the short life of this empreador always in danger, and shows how the reign of Caligula bears the imprint of a dramatic story of conflict, during which the conspiracies senatorial and imperial reactions led the escalation of events. The young Caesar served cynical servility and opportunism of the senatorial more


Book: Calígula 

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