Injusticia epistémica

Injusticia epistémica - Miranda Fricker - Herder
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In this original work, Miranda Fricker reveals the ethical and political aspects that underlie our way of knowing and understanding and is committed to redirecting our epistemic behavior towards a field of rationality and justice. An epistemic injustice occurs when the ability of a subject to transfer knowledge and make sense of their social experiences is nullified. Fricker analyzes and makes visible the error that is committed -and the consequences that it entails- when the discourse of a subject is discredited for reasons beyond its content. The author determines two types of epistemic injustice: the one that occurs when an issuer is discredited due to the prejudices that his audience has - the testimonial injustice -; and the one that occurs when a collective is unable to understand the social experience of a subject due to a lack of interpretive resources, placing it in a more



Book: Injusticia epistémica

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