Camina como un Buda

Aunque estés de resaca, tu jefe te agobie y tu ex te torture

Camina como un Buda - Lodro Rinzler - Kairós
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How can I be the person I want to be when I'm stuck in a job I hate? How is it possible to "be present" in an era of constant distractions? Can I flirt with someone in a bar and still consider myself spiritual? This most enjoyable guide for the life of those who consider themselves "spiritual without being necessarily religious" uses the teachings of Buddhism to answer these burning questions and a lot of others that have to do with going out there, with relationships, work, social activity or with our dilemmas of everyday life. Based on the popular advice column by Lodro Rinzler, Walking as a Buddha offers wisdom that can be applied precisely to the difficulties that often present themselves to anyone who intends to walk like a Buddha: that is, to live honestly, with wisdom and compassion in front of all that. that comes to the step in life.




Book: Camina como un Buda

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