Camino hacia el silencio

Pedagogía del despertar interior

Camino hacia el silencio - Esteve Humet - Herder
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From his experience in therapeutic practice and working with meditation groups, Esteve Humet decided to write this way to the discovery of inner silence. The aim of the text is not so much to help those already initiated into assiduously practice meditation or some form of prayer, but especially to those who hear talk about it and wish to enter experientially into it, but can not find anyone to help them in this exploration.

Meditation is presented here not only as an activity, as a pedagogical process with a wide range of possibilities, but also as a vital attitude that simplicity is the base. The author wishes that the exercises are, rather than links, aid compatible with any belief or religious choice. Thus, all are relative and therefore optional, ie means, not ends, as the sole purpose is the fullness of Silence.



Book: Camino hacia el silencio

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