Campos de conexión

La práctica de las constelaciones organizacionales

Campos de conexión - Jan Jacob Stam - Herder México
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Herder México
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Ever heard this conversation:
When I finish a book and I can say "I liked it, I share ideas," then I think "good book". When I finish a book and I can say "I brought something new, it was different, challenged me," then I think "¡great book". And when I finish a book and I can say "I liked it, and I have also enriched me an idea how to implement it," then I think "¡excellent book!"
From my perspective, this is an¡ excellent book!
Dear Reader: I think here you will find some ideas that will make sense in your professional and organizational reality, as well as others that will seem challenging and surprising.
With reading, you'll find a few more ideas that you can easily apply in your everyday life.
The systems approach and constellation work perspectives are applied to organizations who are with us to understand the functional complexity of living more


Book: Campos de conexión

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