Cantos de maldoror

Cantos de maldoror - Conde de Lautréamont - Editorial fontamara
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Editorial fontamara
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Les chants de Maldoror, a poetic work by Isidore-Lucien Ducasse, better known as the Count of Lautréamont, is uneven and at times disconcerting due to its fragmentary composition; however, it reveals a vertiginous imagination, being very attractive for its descriptions. Everything revolves around Maldoror, a young man exacerbated before life and before God, in an exalted and violent environment. The songs and some prose poems reflect French decadence. Its pages are full of life, worthy of all interest, it contains love confessions, a dialogue with the ocean (one of the most attractive parts), it describes strange and amazing visions of blood, vampires, spiders, while the poet, transformed into a marine animal He violently questions God.

More admired than commented on, learned but not explained, Cantos de Maldoror has stood the test of time and is sought after by assiduous more


Book: Cantos de maldoror

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