Carl. G. Jung y la psicología analítica

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Carl. G. Jung y la psicología analítica - Carl Gustav Jung - Herder
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This title presents, in manga format and in an entertaining and entertaining way, one of the most important figures of the last century, Carl Gustav Jung, and explains his work and thought: the school of analytical psychology. Carl G. Jung and analytic psychology develops Carl Gustav Jung's response to Freud's sexualized reading of the unconscious. His theories suppose the opening to a new conception of the human being. The theories of Jung, which oscillate between the development of the individual and the recovery of collective aspects that we have been forgetting over the centuries, as the notions coming from different studies such as anthropology, alchemy, interpretation of dreams, art, mythology, religion and philosophy, offer an alternative way of dealing with the psychological problems of our time and to recover a totality that seemed to be asked for forever.


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Book: Carl. G. Jung y la psicología analítica

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