Cartas a un discípulo

Cartas a un discípulo - Arthur  Schopenhauer - Olañeta
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Twenty-six letters written by Arthur Schopenhauer the highlight of his disciples to cast a clarifying light on the personality of the philosopher.

Arthur Schopenhauer (1788- 1860), one of the most prominent representatives of European philosophy of the last two centuries, is a perpetually controversial figure both for his work, not always recognized as it deserves in academic environments, such as personality elusive , difficult and extremely critical.

It puts together a selection of the letters that Schopenhauer, who lived in Frankfurt, turned to one of his disciples (or "apostles" as he liked to call them): Julius Frauenstädt (1813- 1879), student of theology at Berlin. The correspondence between teacher and pupil, reflecting both the intellectual concerns as personal obsessions philosopher, would begin in September 1847 and end in December 1859, shortly before his more


Book: Cartas a un discípulo

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