Cartas luteranas

Cartas luteranas - Pier Paolo Pasolini - Trotta
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During the last year of his life, Pier Paolo Pasolini developed a penetrating demand against the features that Italian society had acquired, which he saw as destroyed as in 1945. Lutheran Letters thus contains the last works of the author on social criticism. Pasolini is part of the cultural mutations that the development of mass production and new communication technologies have aroused in Italy to reveal the signs of the degradation of society and culture. And, although it circumscribes its analysis to the concrete Italian case, it finds fundamental metaphorical categories for a criticism of left to modernity and to the insufficiencies of progressive reason. It is not true that poverty is the worst of evils. It is not true that history always goes forward: there are periods when sudden involutions take place and the historical achievements of humanity vanish in the air. As if that more


Book: Cartas luteranas

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