Cartas y otros textos

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This book, the last to be published by the great philosopher of the century to come, continuity of the volumes titled The Desert Island and The Two Mad Regimes, is composed of three types of texts compiled and prepared by David Lapoujade.
For the first time, letters of Gilles Deleuze are published, with correspondents of the stature of Michel Foucault, Pierre Klossowski, François Chatêlet, Félix Guattari, Clément Rosset, among others. The question of friendship, that game of distances, work in common, the search for the teacher, admiration, ruptures, health, death, the work of thought, all this is put into play in this epistolary without answers , Since Deleuze did not keep any of the letters that were sent to him.
In the second block of texts there is everything: two unpublished courses on Hume, an extensive interview with Guattari and an interviewer who is or is ..., more


Book: Cartas y otros textos

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