Centuria de amor

Centuria de amor -  Bhartrhari - Akal
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This book makes available to Spanish readers, for the first time in direct Sanskrit translation, the "Centuria de amor", a set of poems that move between the most exalted eroticism and the radical condemnation of the pleasures of love. In them, the reader will discover the way in which classic India conceived of that feeling, from the gallantry that precedes the sexual union to the overcoming of the physical union, which transforms into spiritual union. The description of the woman, with her gazelle or water lily eyes, her lotus face, or the folds of her belly, acts as a pole of opposition to ascetic life in the forest, the only other possible option for man. The tradition attributes this collection of poems to Bhartrhari, legendary poet who was said that seven times had entered a monastery fleeing the world and seven others had left to enjoy the pleasures that this world could offer....read more

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Book: Centuria de amor

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