Certamen de Homero y Hesíodo

Certamen de Homero y Hesíodo - Eduardo Gil Bera - Hiperión
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This essay proposes that the author of the Homer and Hesiod Contest is Tales of Miletus, born Táletas de Gortina. It also suggests that Thales wrote the Odyssey, and that he was the promoter of the Homerids, the reciters of the Homeric poems who performed in the Ionian cities at the end of the 7th century BC. c.

We are talking about things that happened two thousand six hundred years ago and referring to the Odyssey, one of the most influential, famous and studied works of Western literature. You cannot expect direct proof, a signature or a testimony proving authorship. The evidence may not be more than indicative. The purpose is to show that the nature and amount of evidence support the burden of proof.

In conclusion, the attribution of the Odyssey, the Hymn to Apollo and the Contest of Homer and Hesiod to Thales of Miletus, born Thaletas of Gortyna, is the most reasona...read more


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Book: Certamen de Homero y Hesíodo

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