Experimento Por El Futuro

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Critical work of the classical methodologies of Eurocentric ethnography and his innovative style of prose allowed him to develop a scriptural project and later an experimental method of investigation, close to what we know as postcolonial theory. Likewise, its relevant commitment to "subordinated" cultures and identities supports this work, which impelled his trip to Chile in 1972 to experience in situ the unprecedented form of Chilean socialism.
Chile: Experiment for the future is an extension of the fruits of this journey and the poetic conclusions that Hubert Fichte could develop in his research on spirituality, religion, gender and politics based on his experiences in Africa, the Caribbean and Brazil. In this way, this publication compiles two texts: "Explosion", in its chapter dedicated to Chile, and the transcription of a radio program entitled "Chile: an experiment for more

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Book: Chile

ISBN: 9789569843525