Pensar el cristianismo en tiempos de la red

Ciberteología - Antonio Spadaro - Herder
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Search Engines, smartphone applications, social networks , digital technology has entered our daily life not only as an external tool that simplifies communication and relationship with the world , but as a new anthropological space that changes the way we think and know the reality and human relationships. Do you play the digital revolution somehow faith? How to think and articulate Christianity this new landscape ? According to Spadaro , it's time to consider a ciberteología understood as understanding of faith - intellectus fidei - in -time network . It is not looking for new instruments of evangelization or undertake a sociological thinking about religion in the network, but to find points of contact and fruitful interaction with Christian thought . The goal is " not to stop at the wonders of the art [ ... ] avoid naivete to believe that [ technology ] at our disposal without more


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Book: Ciberteología

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