Cine II

Los signos del movimiento y el tiempo

Cine II - Gilles Deleuze - Cactus
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Last year I came across a thing that did not believe. I talked a lot of movies, but what I had in mind was not the film ... (...) What I had in mind was a classification of signs, signs of ALL the world!
So Deleuze presents this course given between late 1982 and early 1983, published here for the first time in Castilian, in which the film shall be subject to the titanic task of a general classification of images and signs.
But the reader should not forget that the signs are images, and Bergson images are not subjective or psychological, are indistinguishable from the thing, so that these classes will become a gigantic philosophy course on the material universe and time. Philosophy of movement, perception, action, affections, relationship, time and thought. Reading Bergson and an extensive commentary on aspects of Peirce's philosophy generally despised by the linguistic more


Book: Cine II

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