Claridad de todo

De Lacan a Marx, de Aristóteles a Mao

Claridad de todo - Jean- Claude Milner - Manantial
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In this book, Jean-Claude Milner is questioned about his journey and about the place that Jacques Lacan had in it by Fabián Fajnwaks and Juan Pablo Lucchelli, two Argentinean psychoanalysts living in Paris.

Milner is thus led to re-examine his own positions on linguistics and modern science, on his theory of names and in particular of the Jewish name, on the transformation of the relations between capitalism and the bourgeoisie, on revolution and politics.

Jacques Lacan's name was mentioned at all times. Jean-Claude Milner then had the opportunity to clarify his debt: Lacan, according to him, must function as an operator of clarity, not of darkness.

The book project arose along the way. In order for it to be carried out properly, the questions and answers had to be taken up, adjusted and assembled. The book is the result of that work.



Book: Claridad de todo

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