Colonialismo industrial en américa latina

Colonialismo industrial en américa latina - Victor Manuel Figueroa Sepúlveda - Itaca
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Readers of this work will find renewed urgency to reinterpret the true nature of underdevelopment. For the author, the imperial domination of underdeveloped countries lies mainly in the industrial colonialism, ie the configuration of the real structures of existing industrialization in them.Following an investigation of almost three decades, Victor Manuel Figueroa develops in this volume a novel approach to the role of imperialism as a structural basis for the asymmetric and hegemonic integration of Latin America into the world market.The critical reformulation of the Leninist theory of imperialism elaborated by Figueroa can understand the perverse impacts of assimilation of technological innovations developed externally and the absence of effective state management of development in the region. Therein lie the economic subordination, investment transfers to developed countries, the more

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Book: Colonialismo industrial en américa latina

ISBN: 9786077957621