Come reza ama me ayudó a hacerlo

Historias reales inspiradas en el bestseller autobiográfico

Come reza ama me ayudó a hacerlo - Elizabeth Gilbert - Eleftheria
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This book is a love letter to the power of change.

In the ten years since her surprising debut, Elizabeth Gilbert's Come Pray Love has become a worldwide phenomenon, allowing millions of readers to take paths they never thought possible. In this heartfelt and engaging collection, nearly fifty of those readers, as diverse in experience as in age and background, share their stories. Come pray ama helped one woman to embrace motherhood, another to accept the loss of her mother and a third to find peace with her decision not to be a mother. One writer finds love again abroad, another embraces her sexual identity… The journeys they tell are transformative, sometimes hilarious, sometimes heartbreaking, but always inspiring. Entertaining and stimulating, Come reza ama helped me make it is a celebration for the followers of Come reza ama.

“For me, being able to read these more


Book: Come reza ama me ayudó a hacerlo

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