Comentarios e incitaciones

Una defensa del postpositivismo jurídico

Comentarios e incitaciones - Manuel Atienza - Trotta
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Law is a complex social practice; in the words of a classical author: the whole social life contemplated from a special side. Therefore, the discussion on the (most appropriate) way of understanding the law is a matter of general interest, although obviously the most concerned are the professional jurists: practical and theoretical.
This book is based on the idea that thinking is largely a collective action that consists not only of thinking with others, but also of others; although the latter does not mean denying the cooperative character of thought: to build or destroy. Thus, throughout its ten chapters we comment on the work of a dozen contemporary authors heterogeneous among themselves: some are philosophers — interested in law — and others — the most — jurists (iusfilophosus), and among the latter there are positivists, iusnaturalists, post-itivists and even positivists more

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Book: Comentarios e incitaciones

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