Cómo criar hijos tiranos

Manual de antiayuda para padres de niños y adolescentes

Cómo criar hijos tiranos - Mark  Beyebach - Herder
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Throughout his 25 years of experience as family therapists and Marga Mark Beyebach Herrero de Vega has proven time and again how parents strive to educate our children, by raising loving and honest people, responsible citizens and solidarity. But they have also found that often those same good intentions end up being counterproductive patterns of interaction that actually contribute to those children first become wayward children, then teenagers despots and tyrants finally true.

The aim of this book is to identify and describe these harmful patterns, not with the idea of blaming the parents, but with the intention of helping them to identify them and to break them. The authors wanted the result to be provocative and entertaining, and so have decided to write it in a paradoxical way, using a lighthearted and ironic tone and presenting it as a set of concrete and operational rec...read more


Book: Cómo criar hijos tiranos

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