Compasión silenciosa

Buscar a Dios en la contemplación

Compasión silenciosa - Richard Rohr - Herder
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In silent Compassion, Richard Rohr proposes a journey to find God in the depths of silence. The divine silence offers peace and invites us to compassion towards others. The experience of silence is the experience of emptiness and, at the same time, unity of Being. According to him, "silence is not only that surrounds the words, but that from which proceeds all be already returning all things, the very foundation of reality. "

Rohr teaching is based on contemplation and kenosis (self-emptying), which are expressed through a radical compassion, especially regarding socially marginalized people. His vision of Christian mysticism falls under the perennial tradition and an ecumenical spirit that seeks bridges with other religious traditions.

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Book: Compasión silenciosa

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