Compendio de musicoterapia I

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Compendio de musicoterapia I - Serafina  Poch Blasco - Herder
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Music therapy is the scientific application of the art of music and dance with therapeutic and preventive purposes, through the relationship established between the paiente or group of patients and music therapist. Integrated in the group of creative therapies, there is an alternative medicine, but is a real therapy itself. Its scientific basis and its dissemination throughout the world, both in the field of physical and social rehabilitation as in schools and special education, are relatively recent._x000D_
Current Music therapy is the consolidated result of the positive results obtained by the music therapists in their clinical practice, academic and research institutions, as is amply demonstrated in this work, which states clearly and scientific rigor that make up the essential content of this university studies discipline._x000D_
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Book: Compendio de musicoterapia I

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