Consejos de supervivencia para padres adoptivos

Consejos de supervivencia para padres adoptivos - Christel Rech Simon - Herder
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Do foster parents need advice than those given to parents of children adopted? Is this really your "survival" as the title implies something dramatizante of this book? We think the answer to both questions is "yes."_x000D_
The number of adoptions has increased dramatically over recent years. Many of these families have no more problems than usual own life. However, some of these adoptive parents are involved, along with their children in a drama for which they are unprepared. For these families "on the verge of a nervous breakdown," Rech Christel and Fritz B. Simon Simon, therapists and parents of two adopted daughters, offer practical help._x000D_
The book teaches mothers and fathers who do not have to feel helpless before some crisis situations that seem to have no solution. Quite the contrary: you can do something but sometimes more


Book: Consejos de supervivencia para padres adoptivos

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