Contra los ídolos posmodernos

Contra los ídolos posmodernos - Pierangelo Sequeri - Herder
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In a world that does not have the testimony of Christological humanism of God, polytheism of racist and corporate gods took the stage. In this book, almost as a "manifesto", Sequeri analyzes the idolatry of postmodern society have anthropological induced degradation. The consumer society and culture of the show are built on four "mental" idols eternal youth, economic growth and easy money, totalitarianism communication and irreligion of secularization. These figures evoke objects and events that have nothing in itself idolatrous or demonic. And that the severity of the snare resides: idolatry most successful thanks to the exaltation of what promises to be an easy realization of the collective desire takes hold. Sequeri not limited to criticize these idols, but try to imagine the movements necessary to counter: "We Christian nations of the West, have deserved the consequences of this more




Book: Contra los ídolos posmodernos

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