Contrapoder, una introducción

Contrapoder, una introducción -  AA.VV. - Tinta Limón
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Tinta Limón
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Tapa Blanda

The counter power is increasingly visible. The struggles for dignity and justice have not been exhausted: the world, everything, begins to be questioned and reinvented again. It is this activation of the fight - a true counter-offensive - that encourages the production and dissemination of counter-power hypotheses. But this book is intended to account for an introduction. It is not, then, a theory or a set of recipes. What we are trying to think about is the emergence of experiences of struggle that, especially in recent years, have begun to postulate elements of a new non-capitalist sociability. How to understand these phenomena of a new political radicalism? This question is what somehow inspires the reflections that will be found in the pages of this book.


Book: Contrapoder, una introducción

ISBN: 9789879665138