Creencias y ritos del misterio cristiano 

Antecedentes y formación

Creencias y ritos del misterio cristiano  - Pedro  Brosa Rocabert - Herder
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This is a new proposal in that it is a play about religion, but written with a strictly historical-cultural, where the author makes a clear distinction between history, tradition and theology also tries to be objective in their assessments. although sometimes express its own views. This book tells of "Christian mystery", but the interest in novelty lies in the background to investigate the formation and evolution of these beliefs and rituals, and are discussed in the first half, the twelve articles of the Creed (beliefs ) and in the second, the seven sacraments (rituals) that make the celebration of the mystery. This work of synthesis has been carried out from a critical standpoint, but attached to the story, and is far from being, therefore, a simple statement to religious doctrine taught in the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

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Book: Creencias y ritos del misterio cristiano 

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