Crónica y mirada

Aproximación al periodismo narrativo

Crónica y mirada - María Angulo - Libros de K.O.
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In times of Express journalism, we should celebrate the existence of a chronic gender. Cultivate chronic demands an effort to exhaust all possible questions about an event, understand its edges, to hear all voices and to banish our prejudices. Then the writer must not stop until you find the best way to tell a story. The narrative journalism does not waste time talking about objectivity, is aware that his work, the journalist is conducting a proud statement of subjectivity. Every journalist has a particular way of approaching and reflecting the facts on paper. Perhaps that is the ultimate weapon available to the reporter: his gaze. This volume tells of the tools that can be served a journalist to cultivate their own voice. The theoretical point of view of some researchers, such as Jorge and Roberto Herrscher Carrión, among others, is complemented with chronic Villoro authors like more


Book: Crónica y mirada

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