Cuadernos negros (1938-1939)

Reflexiones VII-XI

Cuadernos negros (1938-1939) - Martin Heidegger - Trotta
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The Black Notebooks, a kind of philosophical diary, link the most strictly theoretical reflections with references to the personal and professional situation of Martin Heidegger, as well as historical as well as daily events. They represent in this sense an extremely singular style of writing and philosophical meditation. This second installment allows to deepen the background of the debate generated by its publication. It contains the continuation of the Reflections (numbers VII-XI), annotations that begin in 1938 and end shortly before the beginning of World War II, in the late summer of 1939. In them, Heidegger develops the discussion of The vision of the world linked to National Socialism in light of the real reality of this movement. It distinguishes between the "German people" and their present circumstances, revealing their distance to the "revolution" in Germany. Other more


Book: Cuadernos negros (1938-1939)

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