Culto a Juárez

La construcción retórica del héroe (1872-1976)

Culto a Juárez - Rebeca Villalobos Álvarez - Grano de sal
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Grano de sal
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Tapa Blanda

Death was good for Benito Juarez. As soon as he breathed his last breath, after the painful angina, began the slow and subtle process that would make the Oaxacan liberal one of the greatest heroes in homeland history. To review this trajectory, without narrating the life of the Zapoteco who became president of the republic, Rebeca Villalobos Alvarez is dedicated here: with rhetorical tools used in an original way, the author shows the transformations experienced by the Benemeritus of the Americas during the century after his death, as well as the political uses that have been given to her memory : immaculate, sublime Indian, exemplary Mexican. The historian's gaze stops at numerous carefully selected examples—full-length sculptures, busts, literary pieces, photographs, engravings, caricatures, paintings, films, works of history—to show the evolution of a discourse that has more


Book: Culto a Juárez

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