Cultura de paz: Una utopía posible

Cultura de paz: Una utopía posible - David Adams - Herder México
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For centuries is the idea that violence is part of human nature. But many thinkers and activists are not convinced that assumption.
In Culture of Peace: a possible utopia, David Adams presents a detailed study based on biology, history and civilizations to locate the origin and cultural causes of violence for over 2000 years. It also proposes strategies and outlines ways to achieve peace, not as an idea but as a culture. With his scientific idealism, this neurobiologist aggression and manager pursues peace premise: if war and violence are a human invention, then humans can also invent and build peace. That's why this book should be available to young people, academics and human rights activists, scientific research and sustainable development, available to those who appeal for gender equity and those who support freedom and transparency.
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Book: Cultura de paz: Una utopía posible

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