Cultura femicida

Cultura femicida - Esther Pineda G - Prometeo
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Tapa Blanda

At different stages of the social historical process girls and women have been systematically killed for their gender status. These patriarchal killings, in order to be carried out and established as a mechanism of domination and social control of femininity, should enjoy acceptance and high levels of dissemination, therefore a midicious culture was institutionalized. This can be defined as the undervaluation of women's lives in relation to the lives of men, their conception as expendable, but above all, substitutable. A femicidal culture is one where the murder of women is accepted, allowed, naturalized and justified by being women; where this type of crimes are promoted, promoted and incited, through their transmission and learning through the different socializing agents, as well as, through their daily life in the different cultural products developed from patriarchal more


Book: Cultura femicida

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