Curso de Chino para los negocios

Curso de Chino para los negocios - Huang  Weizhi - Herder
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This book is aimed at business men and women who already have knowledge of Chinese language and maintaining trade relations with China or are planning to start them. In turn, is an excellent reference guide for students taking courses in economics and business in that country. Today, it is almost essential to broaden the knowledge about the Asian giant: to know their language, habits and carries a potential improvement in the covenants and agreements, business more effective and no doubt increased contacts and friendships. This Chinese course for business consists of 25 lessons with numerous exercises and an audio CD to facilitate the study. Each lesson has a dialogue in a real situation in pin yin transcription and translation into Spanish, in addition to new vocabulary and key sentences. It also contains an overview of the open cities and special economic zones (SEZs) in China.

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Book: Curso de Chino para los negocios

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