De chuequistas y overlockas

Una discusión en torno a los talleres textiles

De chuequistas y overlockas -  AA.VV. - Tinta Limón
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Tinta Limón
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Tapa Blanda

This publication is part of an investigation between the Cultural Symbiosis Collective and the Situations Collective around textile workshops. Or put another way, around the ways in which common life resists being restricted and governed through mechanisms such as racism and the fixed and reactionary use of borders and cultural identities. As such, it is an open and political investigation. Open because it continues its course, and because the knowledge that can be produced is internal to the forms of resistance from which it arises. And political because it proposes to question the hierarchy production system in the world of work and migration in which different political and economic actors of different nationalities are involved.

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Book: De chuequistas y overlockas

ISBN: 9789872518578