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De la guerra - Karl Von Clausewitz - Herder
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Through the amenity offered by the manga format, the reader will delve into the inextricable world of war conflicts, finding answers to the complexity of causes and consequences that wars bring. Of the war, classic reference in literature of war, speaks of realistic form on the warlike conflicts and criticizes the sentimentalist approaches of century XIX by which it was tried to disguise the reality. The author, defining the war as "an act of force that is carried out to force the adversary to comply with our will", defends that there is always a political objective as the first cause and that it does not respond to an isolated event. Through the voice of the character of Clausewitz, the reader will find in this manga a deep reflection and analysis of one of the most recurrent events that have existed since the beginnings of humanity, wars, and that, unfortunately, are an inherent more


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Book: De la guerra

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