De la realidad

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De la realidad - Gianni Vattimo - Herder
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«Much of the philosophy [is seduced by] a new realism that has significant and dangerous consequences for the social and political life. Being antirealists is perhaps the only way to be, yet revolutionary.» Gianni Vattimo
«The essence of his philosophical program is still very strong, today, perhaps even more than yesterday.» La Repubblica
This text, which bind Heidegger's thought and constant attention to the transformations of contemporary society is the result of a process of reflection on the dissolution of objectivity or reality itself. The result is the story of an unpredictable change in perspective: a change that concerns us all, because deeply rooted in the history of recent decades.

When, halfway through the eighties of last century, Gianni Vattimo granted postmodern philosophical thickness with weak thought, was accused of being the bard triumphant more


Book: De la realidad

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