Del hábito

Hacer de nuevo: Del hábito y sus rearticulaciones. A partir de Ravaisson

Del hábito - Félix Ravaisson - Cactus
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In 1838 Felix Ravaisson published HABIT, little treatise taking our habits as an occasion to think everything that happens in an inter-midway between the "Will" and "Nature". Nimbly deploys in a few pages later philosophical considerations that lead an exploration of life from this very concrete reality: paradoxically habits related to changes. From this vast area that lies between what we decide to do and what we are forced to do, from the consideration of our learned gestures and feelings that we weave with the world, Ravaisson proposes look closely this place inter-via the habits as our very unique way to exist where some "effort" brings together the active and passive. An effort in the middle, in the limit, which is nothing less than another name for consciousness. It reaches Ravaisson ask: is a touch between activity and passivity? In 2015 a new translation into Castilian of? more


Book: Del hábito

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