Del sentido de las cosas

La idea de la metafísica

Del sentido de las cosas - Jean  Grondin - Herder
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This book aims to capture and even renew the essential project of metaphysics by presenting several studies that outline some of the general ideas of metaphysical hermeneutics, as well as its current state of affairs. What does that sense of things mean exactly? Is it a simple point of view of the spirit, of an observation or a premonition? This constant effort of human thought on the questions of being and reality has given way to metaphysical philosophy. However, metaphysics can not advance if there is no understanding of its principles, its objects, its truth and its meaning. From the sense of things opens a line of discussion on the hermeneutics of metaphysical thinking, one of the most stimulating fields of philosophical research of our time. Jean Grondin proposes to set in motion an interpretation and a deciphering of the thought processes of being using hermeneutics to reveal more


Book: Del sentido de las cosas

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