Democracia en venta

Democracia en venta - Loretta Napoleoni - Paidós
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What we are experiencing is not a passing crisis, and capitalism will never again work as it has. The euro has boosted the economies of northern Europe at the expense of the periphery. It has also generated a spiral of destruction that is endangering the democracies of the South, since major decisions regarding taxes, Pensions, investments in education or health are no longer taken by the governments of each country, but rather they are dictated from Brussels. Unfortunately, we have already seen that the measures proposed (cuts, austerities and Do more than contribute to the recession and poverty of the citizens of these countries. The same thing happens with the crisis that crosses the public debt that corrodes the national sovereignty and the democracy. At this point we raise a key question: under these conditions Is it worth to vote? Or perhaps we must regain our democracy by more

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Book: Democracia en venta

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