Desigualdades en la procreación

Desigualdades en la procreación - Ángeles Sánchez Bringas - Itaca
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This book provides an overview of the reproductive process of Mexican women from a feminist perspective. Results of original research are presented describing and analyzing reproductive experiences and attention to obstetric processes and maternal morbidity and mortality in different social groups. It also reflects on the way in which some inequalities and mechanisms of discrimination and exclusion present in the socio-economic, cultural and institutional spheres affect the reproductive process and access to obstetric care, which can negatively affect the health of some women and newly born.

These papers document the conditions of obstetric care received by women in public health institutions in Mexico. These conditions are poverty, economic backwardness, limitations of anti-poverty programs, the scarcity of medical units in marginal areas, the poor organization of health more


Book: Desigualdades en la procreación

ISBN: 9786077957843