Deus ineffabilis

Una teología posmoderna de la revelación del fin de los tiempos

Deus ineffabilis - Carlos Mendoza Álvarez - Herder
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God is ineffable. Learning to invoke hope amid the rubble of the postmodern society is the goal of this book.
At a time when systemic violence runs the global village, the question of the possibility of hope becomes even more radical. This is the central theme of Deus Ineffabilis, whose background is interlocutions with theological anthropology and philosophy of history in the Western world thinkers from Hegel to Heidegger and Benjamin, Girard and Agamben. However, this problem becomes surprising nuances when analyzed from the South, with the anti-systemic political thinking and decolonialismo arising from the power of the poor of the earth.
Hope is a vital both mystical and intellectual commitment, and ethics. A virtue of the end times we live in today, urgent not only for believers of any religious tradition or spiritual wisdom, but for any human being yearns for more

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Book: Deus ineffabilis

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