Consejos para adaptarse a una nueva vida

Diálisis  - Heide  Sperschneider - Herder
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The purpose of this book is to show both dialysis patients and their relatives, colleagues and friends who, despite the understandable fears that they may feel about the future, there are several therapeutic options that make life worth being lived again. The affected person soon becomes aware that a permanent dialysis is a major interference with their normal life. It should be reorganized, and the easier it will be much more information that is: information about the disease, the therapeutic possibilities and all the technical progress that they have experienced in recent years, but also information on possible complications during treatment, often preventable by the patient through proper counseling. The dialysis patient is never alone. You should consider the different staff members as partners in health who can always rely on. The family also should live an illness. The state gra...read more


Book: Diálisis 

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