Diccionario avanzado Árabe, Español - Árabe (70.000 entradas)

Español - Árabe

Diccionario avanzado Árabe, Español - Árabe (70.000 entradas) - Federico Corriente - Herder
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Revised and Updated_x000D_
Advanced Dictionary Spanish-Arabic is an indispensable tool for the student of the Arabic language in Spain and the Spanish language in the Arab world._x000D_
This edition includes more than 70,000 entries, representing a substantial increase over the previous edition of the Spanish - Arabic. Stir in turn, new Arabic equivalent of the Castilian and varied phraseology of equivalence of recent neologisms thus adapting to the reality of s. XXI._x000D_
The inclusion of terms belonging to different fields of knowledge (medicine, law, chemistry, astronomy, geology, philosophy, etc..) Makes it a useful tool for studying the Arabic language and makes the instrument more_x000D_
effective to translate the text types varied and frequent, from general to specialized._x000D_
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Book: Diccionario avanzado Árabe, Español - Árabe (70.000 entradas)

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