Diccionario ideológico

Atlas léxico de la lengua española

Diccionario ideológico - López Rafael - Herder
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This ideological or Atlas Dictionary lexicon contains over 200,000 classified some 1,600 voices semantic fields. The words appear in lists of associated terms, related, neighbors or synonyms provided to the expression of a concept._x000D_
Distinguish between uses depending on the social context (general, colloquial, ill-sounding, vulgar, popular wit and sayings), the geographic domains (Spanish and American) and now the term (old, unusual and newly incorporated)._x000D_
Besides allowing the consultation of the meaning of a word adds the ability to find a voice that fits the meaning we have in mind. Thus we discover the word that we learned and we have forgotten, that we miss or we suspect that must exist._x000D_
This Atlas lexicon is distinguished by the practical way in which he presents the words and expressions wi...read more

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Book: Diccionario ideológico

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