Diccionario internacional de psicoterapia

Diccionario internacional de psicoterapia - Giorgio Nardone - Herder
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This dictionary is testimony to how the international community of psychotherapists has accumulated, especially in the last thirty years, a very rich heritage of knowledge that goes beyond the field of its clinical applications.

Thanks to the collaboration of the international community of psychotherapists, it has been possible to go beyond the simple description of terms: the 900 voices gathered here offer an exposition of the current panorama of psychotherapeutic practices by proposing them in their strategies, skills and procedures, as well as the explanation of the different models of psychotherapy and their original technical and operational characterizations.

Psychotherapy today represents a theoretical and practical sector with its own unique characteristics. The project of this work is born precisely from the idea of ​​clearly delimiting the specific properties o...read more


Book: Diccionario internacional de psicoterapia

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