Diccionario Jurídico-Pericial del Documento Escrito 

Diccionario Jurídico-Pericial del Documento Escrito  - Francisco Viñals - Herder
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This thematic dictionary has all the concepts related to the expert evidence of writings and documents comprehensibility priority and practicality, the daily life of the court. Maintaining the level of quality among the works of legal significance in terms of scientific input on the most advanced methodologies specialty fills a void that had been clearly accused by representatives of the legal profession, judiciary and expertise court._x000D_
It goes beyond the right dictionary for interrelacior the technical concepts of writing, support and information with the intent evidence in court. A lacked lawyers to decipher the technical language of the opinions, the meanings of each concept in an affordable way to know what can or should apply, as appropriate to require this type of testing, both official and private, and experts the link process, forensic concepts whi...read more

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Book: Diccionario Jurídico-Pericial del Documento Escrito 

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