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Dionisios - Karl Kerényi - Herder
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No other god of the Greeks as Dionysus is so present in the monuments and nature of Greece and Italy, sensitive tradition has been preserved from antiquity. You can speak of a Dionysian element omnipresence. Of the two unique creations and features of Greek architecture that still exist in large numbers, ie, the temple and the theater, the latter belonged entirely to God. Of cultivated plants in the field of antiquity, the vine is the most proliferative, she was also sacred to Dionysus and testified his presence. But what is Dionysian? Karl Kerenyi, a leading scholar of mythology and religion of ancient Greece, explores this issue to its archaic origins, finding the god in the original environment of the Minoan culture. What he discovers, beyond its omnipresence in the cultural traditions related to the theater, the feast and wine, is the element of the vegetative silent, primordial i...read more

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Book: Dionisios

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